MOHR Pile Turner

Pile Turner PW-1

Fast and automatic turning of half-size format

The MOHR PW-1 pile turner is mainly employed for handling the half-size format and works  at a high speed, saving costs and power. The pile to be turned is moved onto the platform  rom one side of the unit. Two push buttons must be pressed to close the platform. After another key is pressed, the platform is turned around its horizontal axis and onto the opposite side of the unit. Two push buttons are pressed (and kept pressed) to open it again. Finally, the turned stack can be moved out of the platform. Any damages or markings that cannot be avoided when the material is restacked manually are almost completely ruled out by automatic reversal. The MOHR PW-1 pile turner must be fastened to the floor with anchors.

  • There are no long waiting times caused by manual re-stacking
  • Saves the material and prevents damages
  • Improves ergonomic conditions, the lifting of heavy loads is avoided

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  • Protektopur


    MOHR Waste container

    waste container

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