Highlights Integration in the digital workflow Format can be varied from product to product Cutting unit easily accessible enabling a swift and simple knife change Minimum maintenance required due to the use of high quality materials 18 5 touchscreen display The robust networkable MOHR Three Side Trimmer is the machine for automatically cutting perfect bound or saddlestitched products In contrast to other book cutters it operates with only one knife Workflow A gripper puts the product into the cutting position The cut is hydraulic which facilitates to adapt the knife s resting time in the lower dead end to be adapted to the material The robust cutting unit guarantees a precise cut that is gentle on the material The applied pressure is adaptable to every material to be cut within a large adjustment range To increase performance several products stacked on top of each other can be cut simultaneously The container for waste is accessible from the outside The machine is operated using an ergonomically positioned 18 5 touchscreen display Recurring cut sizes can be stored and adapted at any time The machine can be equipped with a bar code reader to automatically launch the cutting program This reduces the set up time to practically zero MOHR Three Side Trimmer Factsheet for download

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