The right version for every need Compucut GO runs directly on a USB stick and is not installed on the PC It is possible to process homogeneous shapes and gang runs Compucut CONTROL offers the full range of functions with real image display and the possibility to manually modify the sheet Compucut AUTO CONTROL can in addition to CONTROL create cutting programs completely autonomously i e without any manual intervention The software automa tically creates the optimal cut sequence with the fewest turns and cuts With Compucut it has been possible to create cutting programs outside the high speed cutter for over 30 years The software has been continuously developed during this time period Today it is a crucial part of the infrastructure in the networked smart print shop Compucut uses prepress data CIP 3 4 to create cutting programs automatically and transfers these either directly to networking capable cutting machines or to the external cutting program administration ESPV Every cutting machine integrated into the network can access the cutting programs stored in the external cutting program administration An optional barcode scanner makes it possible to automatically load the assigned cutting program Cutting with Compucut is much easier The cutting programs process can be displayed with a process visualization The real image representation on the cutting machine display ensures that the operators always know which cut has to be made next This means that even new or inexperienced employees can perform cutting jobs The clear operator guidance rules out expensive errors and reduces waste Since Compucut makes manual programming on the high speed cutter redundant the set up time is eliminated Software Compucut Factsheet for download

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